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Umrah FAQs

Umrah FAQs

When can Umrah be performed by a Muslim?

A Muslim can perform Umrah any time of the year, whenever they want.

Where to apply for the Umrah visa?

Visa application for Umrah is applied through a certified Umrah travel agent. You can consult your nearest Umrah visa agency for this.

What should be the validity of the Umrah visa?

Once you get your Umrah visa, you should also know that it is only valid for two weeks. There is no coming back from it.

How long to stay there?

As the visa is valid till two weeks, thus you can only stay there for two weeks.

What if someone wants to stay longer than two weeks?

For this, you need to make sure that after Umrah you leave within those two weeks otherwise you will be caught up there which might be troublesome for you. However, the visa can be extended on request.

Can the visa be extended?

The visa for Umrah in Ramadan cannot exceed more than the last day of Ramadan. You cannot celebrate Eid-UL-Fitr in Saudi Arabia.

Is Umrah visa to pay for?

The visas for Umrah and Hajj are free, but in order to get into the premises of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah the applicants will have to pay.

What are the haircut rules for Umrah?

Men can either shave their heads or trim their hair for Umrah/Hajj.

Can pills be taken to stop menstruation during Umrah/Hajj?

If the pills do not harm the body than they are permissible otherwise not.